Mini Venetian Blinds

Some things you just have to make yourself. There are no mini venetian blinds (or anything similar) for sale, at least not ones that look good. So here is how I made mine, using something I have been saving for 10 years.

The scene I am doing includes these windows:

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 1.19.16 PM

Window blinds at different levels. So, I found this old Chinese calendar in my stash of stuff, saved from my son’s Asian themed birthday party at least 10 years ago:

1calendarIt has slats sewn together, something that would take ages to do. I painted over the text and images and glued the slats to keep them from falling apart once they were cut.


Looks like venetian blinds from the 1950s to me except the fabric ribbons holding up the blinds need to be white. And I have to unstuck my fingers which are full of superglue!



Actually the problem was weaving the ribbon into the blinds. They look okay when brought to the front. A set of blinds installed:



  1. Cool! It’s fun to look at stuff from a miniaturist’s perspective. Jewelry findings become lamp parts, and spools turn into stools. I, too, have some of that bound bamboo mat left over from a past project—you never know. I keep it next to a cache of tiny electronic parts just waiting for creative inspiration.

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