2023 Flower Show Miniature Settings Entries

Documenting the Miniature Settings entries at the show. Only 8 entries now with the same range of newcomers to miniatures and seasoned veterans. I will feature one of the blue ribbon entries to demonstrate what a properly scaled and quality constructed miniature diorama can look like.

Blue ribbon in Class135 was this submission by “The Can Cans” titled “A Garden Gateway to Serenity.” The description:

The traditional garden path of the Kyoto Japanese teahouse prepares the mind, body, and spirit for the serenity of the tea ceremony. The basin cleanses, the bench provides pause, the stepping stones make the journey mindful, providing the calming transition from a busy exterior to the quiet harmony within.

This Japanese teahouse was extensively researched with accurate information about the elements of the tea ceremony. The plants and miniatures are perfectly scaled, the lighting is subtle, and the backdrop is seamless. The fence, table, cushions, scroll, and bench are handmade. At least 20 different plants.

Blue ribbon and best of blue went to Karen Mac-Neel Croteau for “Edinburgh: Mystical Moors and Folklore.”

A Third Place to “Overwinter” by Mrs. Joy’s Art Class.

A Second Place ribbon to “An Afternoon at Monet’s Giverny” by Melanie Belinsky.

A visit to Vietnam titled “Thai Hoa Palace Temple” by Northeast High School-NRM earned an Honorable Mention.

In Venice, “A Floating City’s Morning Crescendo” by Carol Hanlon and Meridith Hanlon won a Second Place ribbon.

“An Apartment on the Verge” by The College of Physicians of Philadelphia earned an Honorable Mention.

A Third Place ribbon for “El Corazon de Oaxaca” by Mermaid Goggles Garden Club.

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