What’s wrong with this picture?

There is something wrong with this view of a window from Rear Window (where windows are very important!!!). I couldn’t figure out what it was. I carefully selected this small print fabric in a color that coordinates with this apartment and I tried to get it hang right. But it looks too much like a dollhouse with cute curtains in the window instead of a scene of tragic desperation (which it is in the movie).


Then it hit me. I am supposed to be looking INTO the apartment and so I should be seeing the backs of the curtains, not the fronts. The backs should be faded, even plain because the fancy printed side is inside. Time for the ole flipperoo:


Ahhhh! Better!

I like to keep in mind that the Miniature Settings are like stage or movie sets, not dollhouses. That is especially important this year because that’s the theme of the show (movies) but also every year because that is how to create a good miniature. The dollhouse aesthetic (where you can add anything as long as it is small and where you put the pretty side out facing the viewer) just doesn’t make a good Miniature Setting.

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