Ancient Pompeii

IF I had been in the 2020 Philadelphia Flower show, my exhibit would have been the last moments of Pompeii before Mt Vesuvius devastated the region.

Pompeii met all the criteria for the 2020 exhibits: it was a “vacation destination” in the region of the Mediterranean know as the Riviera. Wealthy Romans, especially from Naples, had second homes there as well as fields, vineyards, and access to debauchery in the form of brothels.

First the visual inspirations. The scene will be an interior looking out at a courtyard, a typical Roman design. Plants will be both inside and out. The wall are painted with elaborate murals in bright colors. Here are some examples.


  1. The pictures are so beautiful that I can not see how you just can not show them another way. Hope you can a way. Delcia Lee Kisner

    • I know. Pompeii has such wonderful possibilities for a miniature. I will document the work here. Thanks for your comment.

    • It will be. I have already done all the research. And I can make it more compact than a Flower Show exhibit.

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