We have some progress reports from our Miniature Settings designers for the 2015 Flower Show. Let’s see what they are up to. Keep in mind that the production of a Miniature Setting, which is more like a scaled movie set than it is a dollhouse, might not be very pretty in the early stages.


Title: Once Upon a Dream

Movie: Sleeping Beauty

Statement: Pictures 1-4 showing how I constructed a groin vault ceiling for my display using foam board, poster board, and plaster. #5 shows the vault with the paperclay “stone” walls I am working on. Pictures 6 & 7 have the beginnings of the bed I’m making as well as the spinning wheel I’m building.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7



Title: Gone with the Wind

Movie: Gone with the Wind

These are images of various stages of work on Bev’s exhibit and her plants..

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8



Title: Hollywood Goes to the Dogs

Movie: Lady & the Tramp

Statement:  We have collected hundreds of pictures,  scaled down many of the items we will be making. Researching what it would have been like to have filmed the most famous animated 1950s film and love story…Lady & the Tramp. We had started by selecting 3 iconic scenes of the movie for our movie sets.  Then we have cut out cardboard building to scale, selecting the props we want for each set.  We are still moving these sets around for our miniature effects. It wouldn’t be a movie set without directors chairs, lighting or cameras; hence all the scalling.  As you can see, the director’s chair prototype has 18 little bity pieces. So much more to make.


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