Sprouting Seeds

At our September workshop I demonstrated how using seeds that sprout quickly can give you some quick filler plants for your miniature garden. Here are some examples of those seeds that work well. I put them in a large planter and covered them lightly with potting soil. They grew over a three-four week period.Your results will vary depending on the light conditions and the heat applied to the planting tray. Experiment to get the best results. I have had cat grass in my exhibits in the Flower Show and have seen the sprout grow at least an inch a day once they start growing.

photo 1
Seeds for sprouting: flax, chia, cat grass, lawn grass, cress
photo 2
After approx. 2-3 weeks, everything had sprouted and the cat grass was getting tall.
photo 3
By about 3-4 weeks the flax was getting spindly, the chia was a nice height, the cat grass was too big, and the lawn grass was just coming in.


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