Nancy Grube’s 2014 Project

Nancy Grube is working on her miniature setting and has this progress report. Her photos show the steps we take to put a project together.

Title:  Wright Beside Them

Intent:  Frank Lloyd Wright was the master of creating architecture that felt like a part of its natural surroundings. We can’t all live in one of his Usonian homes, but this family has been inspired by his designs, and the influence is wearing off onto a young budding architect.

Inspiration image:


My inspiration is the Seth Peterson Cottage on Mirror Lake in Wisconsin. This isn’t an architectural model, but an interpretation of the style which the “owner” of this home used to create their own living space in harmony with nature.

Progress photos:



I hid water reservoirs under the stone floor. I will place the flower pots on top of the openings between the stone and wick water into the pot with a shoelace.







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