How to Become an Exhibitor

Thousands of people stand in line to view the Miniature Settings
Thousands of people stand in line to view the Miniature Settings

If after viewing our projects here you think you might want to exhibit in the Miniature Setting class at the Philadelphia Flower Show, here is the procedure for applying.

Let me give you a rundown on how the exhibitors are chosen and what the schedule for preparing an exhibit is like. We are always looking for high quality miniaturists to join our exhibit. The exhibitors’ list is not limited to people who have been in Miniature Settings before and we find that new  artists really do enhance all our displays because we exchange ideas and help.

The Miniature Settings take about a year to prepare. We learn about the next year’s theme during the current Flower Show and it is very exciting to start talking about it when we are all together at the show. Some people immediately come up with an idea for their exhibit and some take several months to pin down an idea.

Many of this year’s exhibitors applied during last year’s Flower Show but some of them got applications in over the summer. Most of us spend the summer before the show researching and doing preliminary designs for our exhibits. Some of us even grow our plants in the summer before the March Flower Show.

By September, the exhibitors are chosen by the Chair and Vice-Chair (me this year and next) with some advice from folks at PHS. We evaluate the applications and choose the 12 that will present the best showing for our exhibit. In September we have a meeting (see the blog entry about our September meeting) at which we present our proposals and discuss them with fellow exhibitors. By January we choose our plants and submit a list of them. As you can see with some of the entries already posted on the blog, some people are far along in their designs and displays. So the exhibitor for 2014 have already been chosen and are well along with their work.

We are already looking for new exhibitors for the following year (2015) and would welcome an application from anyone who values the challenge and excitement of miniature settings. The best way for us to evaluate your work is for you to send us some pictures of things you have done. It would also be great if we could meet you during the 2014 show so we can show you the behind-the-scenes view of the exhibits and explain what it takes to set them up and maintain them throughout the show. We’ll make sure to get you an official application when they come out during the 2014 show. Just leave a comment here with your email (it won’t be posted for the public to see) and we will get back to you.


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