Ron’s Meeting Notes

Ron’s Hoess’ presentation at our September meeting had some very useful information on the judges’ criteria so some of it is presented here.

Criteria for miniature settings judges viewpoint:

● First and foremost develop a unique and creative design

● Be aware of sight lines at all times. Remember the diversity of people that will be viewing your design, short people/ children, tall people, people in wheelchairs, etc. Every square inch of the available viewing area should be considered from every angle.

● Establish a distinct foreground, middle ground and background in your design.

● Backgrounds can often times make or break a miniature setting. When poorly executed they prove to be very distracting. If your forte is not painting do not attempt a landscape. Photographic backgrounds are very off pointing (avoid them)

● Use of figures and figurines should be done very discreetly. They often times are not in scale and add a “cutesy” element that is not desirable.

● Selection of plant material is paramount. This is “The Flower Show” so suitability, quantity, variety, scale and condition is crucial.

● Retain a consistency of accurate scale throughout your design. Items not in scale will be noticed first to a trained eye.

● Remain true to your theme and interpret it in such a way that the viewer does not have to guess what you are trying to convey.

Judging points:

● Craftsmanship: 25 points

Quality of miniature components and constructions

●Horticulture: 25 points

Is the plant material of appropriate size? Is it well groomed and in excellent condition?

● Intent: 20 points

Do all the elements work to carry out the exhibitors intent?

●Distinction: 15 points

Does the exhibit exemplify creativity, individuality and originality?

●Presentation: 15 points

Are the miniature components and plant material in scale? Are materials used effectively?

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