Getting ready to go tomorrow morning but you wouldn’t know it by this picture. I do need to clean up!


Spent the morning cleaning out dead leaves from the little plants and wouldn’t you know, I cut the top off one of them accidentally (and couldn’t find a replacement). But while I was searching I found this teeny plant growing in one of my rotisserie chicken mini-greenhouses. I am not sure what it is but I have placed it under a tiny bell jar and hope it survives.


I made a switch with one of my magical plants. This is now Devil’s Snare because it just hung so nicely from the cage.


These are packed and ready to go.


And Sprout’s office continues to improve. She has a beautiful tapestry on the wall.SproutOffice Tapestry
And a crazy caged plant hanging on a stand in the back.


One comment

  1. Your setting looks great! Can’t wait to see the finished product through the viewing glass. I love the office details and the plants capture that magical Harry Potter look.
    Good luck with setup!

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