Growing mini plants indoors

Last year I tried to grow my miniature plants in a small, old greenhouse attached to our house. The greenhouse was wet and cold and since I was starting in January, I did not have a lot of time to test it out. So this year I decided to grow the plants indoors, in a room that has large windows and radiator heat at the base of each window. I purchased inexpensive gro-lights on Amazon

Hydrofarm LKIT60 Dayspot 60-Watt

and small, 2 inch self-watering transplant pots from Gardener’s Supply Company.

Self-Watering Transplant Pots

Inexpensive shelving was found at IKEA:

HYLLIS Shelving unit, galvanized Width: 23 5/8

I installed the shelves upside down so they are actually a tray that excess water can safely sit in. I still haven’t moved all my plants into this space but I got most of them in before it snowed last month.

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