Progress Report #6

Sheri, Kathy, and Ron are sharing some images and thoughts about their progress on Lady and the Tramp:

Well we are seeing the finish line,  whee.

We have our flooring all marked, finally and are ready to get the flower boxes built.   Last year we had several shapes and gardens all over our exhibit.  To make the boxes work or odd shapes, we improvised with materials.  On set up day it was a real trick to squeeze those babies into their spots. This year we are measuring twice and cutting once and keeping the fancy out of the equations.

Here is Kathy, deep in thought making porch railings.  So hard to keep the spacing.  Then she has all that  gingerbread to deal with. And she said she doesn’t do detail work.  I helped by watching and it was not easy.  I also watched Ronnie, who also doesn’t do detail work, measure, cut and glue every board for siding on each store front.

No Studio is complete without a workman.  Most of the utility cart  supplies I took from Ronnie’s workroom.  It is amazing what you can use or make tiny.


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