Ron and Chris are working on their Little Shop of Horrors exhibit and the shop is taking shape. Notice the gigantic “Audrey” in the corner as she becomes a flesh eating plant!

Ron-Chris-shop1 Ron-Chris-shop2

Sheri, Kathy, and Ron have been working on their movie set for the animated Disney feature Lady and the Tramp. They have details being added to their kitchen for the restaurant scene and the street scene. Sheri explains,

Working hard at designing movie sets in a Disney studio.  We have started building with the set that are displaying  as being filmed.  We are also doing background sets to give the exhibit the studio feel.  Our approach was to pick our design sets then as we build we continue to design along the way.  Part of the way we work is to make aesthetic changes as we work.  This includes the color palette, placement and the story we are telling in all of the sets & materials.  Thus its just not one scene but 3 and the activity in the studio.

S-K-kitchen1 S-K-kitchen2 s-K-step1 S-K-step2 s-k-step2a S-K-step3


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