The Birds: Some Details

The Birds was awarded a Second Place ribbon and the comments from the judges stated that its weakness was a lack of balance in the scene: too much empty space on the right. Quite true, most of the details are on the left so here are some closeups of them, especially Annie’s house and garden.

TheBirds overview3 overview2

frontporch AnniesGarden

And remember these bells for ringing in recess?



There are even birds behind the scene:




  1. Congratuations, Louise! I knew you would earn a ribbon. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your posts – I was fascinated by learning how the minis are constructed, and it was great fun viewing your progress. Thanks for posting the pictures, as I will not be able to attend the Flower Show this year. I hope to have the opportunity to meet you at the First State Mini Show on the 30th!

  2. Congratulations, Louise!! I don’t really agree with them…i think you should have had first place. The reason is that the blank space serves as a sort of eeriness and that is the feeling of the scene. if u fill that, it wouldn’t have that certain ominous feeling, like the sky before a tornado. I love it!!

      • Well, not everyone ‘gets’ us:) Wonderful job and i just wish i cold see it in person. i’m glad you put up close ups so i could see all the different parts better!

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