Almost Time

As the opening of the Flower Show looms (Thursday is delivery day, everyone), I am preparing my planted boxes. Each year around this time, I go into my garden and pick some succulents to add to the mix. Here is what my succulent bed still looks like this year (even with the melting snow). I know they are down there somewhere but will not make an appearance before the deadline. Thanks to Diana Kazazis of the New Jersey Garden Club, I have some live mosses (which I also usually harvest in February) to use if I need them.

Succulents down below!

I also planted this tree in a pot outside, hoping to dig it up in time for the show. It was frozen solid so I took a crowbar and pried in out of the pot. Dragged it along the top of the frozen snow like a curling stone (it was very heavy). Now waiting for it to thaw!


I had planted several mini greenhouses to protect some outdoor plants form the harsh winter winds. Sadly, this one, and many of the plant in it, we crushed by snow and ice flying off the roof during one of the storms. I did get it to pop back up, but no luck on the plants.


I had more luck preparing a backdrop. I have never prepared one before since I never had an outdoor scene that needed one. I designed a photographic  image in Photoshop, had it printed on vinyl (so it wouldn’t droop from moisture) and then painted it. Not bad, I think, for the first time painting any scenery!


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