Deb Mackie: More Progress

Here are some remarkable images of Deb Mackie’s development of the boat in her Lady of Shallott exhibit, with her notes.

Boat finished and painted. But… It looks like a plain old rowboat. Time to get out the putty.
Added some epoxy putty to make the boat look more like the one in the painting. The putty will cure tonight, then get shaped, sanded and painted tomorrow.
Prow detailing roughed in with epoxy putty
Stern detailing roughed in with epoxy putty
Down she came and found a boat,
Beneath a willow left afloat…
…And round about the prow she wrote
the “Lady of Shalott”
Re-painted the lettering to loo a bit less “magic marker.” Still rougher than I’d like, but considering the lady supposedly wrote it on there herself…this is one of those “interpretive” moments. I could leave it looking more handwritten and true to the poem, but in miniature it looks less like an intentionally “handwritten” look and more like I merely did a bad job of it.

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