Deb Mackie’s Lady of Shallot

Deb is recreating a scene from “The Lady of Shallot” inspired by several paintings by John William Waterhouse and a poem by Tennyson. Here is her description of the poem:

“The Lady of Shallott” is a poem by Alfred Lord Tennyson. It tells the story of a Lady who lives in a tower on the island of Shallott, not far from Camelot. She has been told a curse will be upon her if she leaves her tower or looks directly down to Camelot, and so she must watch the world go by in a mirror. She is content to spend her time weaving tapestries of what she sees, until the bold image of Sir Lancelot flashes into her mirror. She cannot help but turn and look down to Camelot to see him. The curse comes upon her, and although she manages to flee the tower and take a boat toward Camelot, she dies before the boat drifts up to the royal houses. The noble folk are alarmed at the sight, but Lancelot looks tenderly upon her still form and says “She has a lovely face. God in his mercy lend her grace, The Lady of Shallott.”

The paintings that have inspired her work are these:

deb1 deb2 deb3


Here scene is starting to come together, with the construction of the boat shown in this sequence:

deb4 deb5 deb6 deb7 deb8 deb9 deb10

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