The Birds Is Coming

No, I haven’t lost my grammatical mind. That is how Alfred Hitchcock advertised the movie I am doing for my exhibit, The Birds. Here is a billboard from the time of the movie’s release:


Hitch posed with real and fake birds to promote the film.



When I started to design my exhibit, I knew I would need a lot of birds, just like the movie had. Here is the scene that i am trying to replicate:

Playground equipment with birds
Playground equipment with birds

But little did I know that finding one inch to one foot scaled birds is very difficult. Keep in mind that I need at least 200 of them. I did find a few at miniature shows but at $5 to $20 each, that was impossible and besides, they did not offer me the variety of poses I needed. How I solved that problem, and learned a new skill, is the subject of the next blog.

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