Cheap Tricks

If I am blogging during these last two hectic weeks, you know it is because I am stuck on something. While I work out a wiring problem, I thought I would show this cheap trick. Miniatures can be really expensive and to make a scene look lived in you usually need a lot of accessories. So anytime I can buy something that looks halfway decent, but is inexpensive, like these candlesticks, I buy it in hopes of manipulating it just enough to make it work. These don’t have flat bases so I have to work on that. And they are plastic so the brass look doesn’t work. But I painted them with a diluted black enamel paint and that cuts the glare and makes them look tarnished. The candlesticks are from Fingertip Fantasies, our regional miniature shop. They are made by Chrysnbon and they do not light up. But they add another decent accessory to my collection.

Original on the right, painted on the left.
Original on the right, painted on the left.

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