Lighting Effects

I have been working on lighting my greenhouse so that it looks natural and while I have the general effect down, it is still not bright enough and has a tinge of green (because I am using fluorescent lights). But a few months back I found some LED strip lights at IKEA. You can cut them to any size. They have a controller that lets you select the tint of the lights and also has an effect where you can have the color change smoothly from one to another across the entire spectrum. I didn’t need that but I am thinking of using them to add some overall color. These are my color tests. It helps to photograph these tests because you can see the effect better in an image.


  1. Dr.K, You are amazing. I’d thrown down my soldering gun after making an irritating mistake only to read your blog and see the wonderful effects you are getting. I like the red lighting on the greenhouse. All the fixtures you’ve made look great, and, as a gardener myself, I follow your adventures in choosing HP plants with great interest.

  2. Thank you, thank you, Marge. It is always helpful to get encouraging words. And my encouragement to you is: keep soldering! I never did get the hang of it but it is such a useful skill to have. Maybe that is my goal for next year: to be a wiring and soldering guru!

    • Thank you, Dr. K. I’ve enjoyed ALL your blogs As to the soldering, my husband is always the brains of my wiring miniature boxes. This morning I was going to wind wire around the two screws meant for wires to be wrapped around them on an adapter for the mini English Garden I’m making, when my husband said,”Wait a minute. I’ll get you some pronged thingys,” (he didn’t use that term but he can’t remember the name of the gizmos he brought me). Turns out no soldering is needed for those connections. The wire is threaded into a soft plastic tube attached to a prong, and then the tube holding the wire is crimped. Unfortunately, one has to have the special tool that does this crimping, but–no soldering needed! Might be worth investing in….The tiny wires used for most miniature buildings easily come apart, causing much anguish and searching for the loose connection.
      I’m looking forward to your next posting. Ron and Katy Hoess invited my husband and me to come to the Philly show early on the first morning, but unfortunately our budget is not up to the trip. I would have LOVED to see all the mini projects early, before the crowd.

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