Hoping for Lotsa People

So the press conference announcing the upcoming Flower Show (titled “Brilliant”: a true Ron Weasley saying) was held this weekend (see this article, and this one) and while I couldn’t attend I am glad the publicity is starting. There didn’t seem to be too much announced that we didn’t already know but it was good to be reminded that 270,000 people attended last year. We know that lots of people run to get in line for the miniatures as soon as they come in (and this is very rewarding for us). And if we think about it, if only 10% of the people who come to the show see our work, that is at least 27,000 people, more than you get in any other show of miniatures or gardening! For us as miniature artists and gardeners, this is one of the major things that makes this show so rewarding.

Thousands of people will stand in line to see the miniature settings (not all at once!!)

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