Fortuitous Mishaps

I have just finished painting the walls of my museum but they didn’t come out the way I planned; I think they came out better. I was planning on having a dark band at the base and to make sure I only painted the lower part dark, I marked to words “TOP” on the back of the walls. Of course, I never looked at the back again and one of the walls was upside-down. So I put a band on both the top and the bottom and I actually like this better. I always thought the mark of a good artist, artisan, or craftsperson was how creatively you deal with mistakes. Or, as Orson Welles supposedly said, “The enemy of art is the absence of limitations.” I have met my limitations but hopefully they are not defeating me!

Later….Suddenly, my museum room is starting to take shape. It seemed to happen instantly. Here are some ideas I am playing with in terms of the layout of the cases and the objects for the Museum of Hawaiian Plant Lore.

By the way, in addition to several exhibits on Hawaiian plant lore, all carefully researched and accurately displayed, there will be a bit of a problem in the museum. Ten clues might lead to the culprit in an unfortunate incident that took place ┬áin the museum. Who dunnit? For now, here are some images of the clues that will solve the case of the unfortunate demise of the victim. An un-fortuitous mishap indeed…

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