Fire proofing

The one thing that stumped me last year (my first in the Flower Show miniature settings) was that we had to fireproof the wood we used to build our displays. No one told me how to do this and it was all very vague and mysterious. When I finally figured it out, just days before the show was to open, I had to hastily paint all my wood with the fireproofing additive. Now that I am wiser and older, I am adding the “Rosco Flamex PA” (paint additive) to my primer.  I purchased a small bottle (8 ounces) online at, a theatrical supply house. Last year I got the same thing at Philadelphia Theatrical Supply, just down the street from the Convention Center.  Their info online is:

Here is what it looks like:

Add all 8 ounces to a gallon of paint or put a proportional amount into smaller amounts of paint.

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