Cheap plant material

I enjoyed the trip to Meadowbrook Farms that our group of miniaturists took for a meeting to prepare for the Flower Show. Not only was the meeting informative, but the shopping for plants there was fabulous. But that is a long trip for me, so I usually try to pick up things closer to home, often at local garden centers, including Waterloo Gardens in Devon. But this week I was at both Home Depot and Lowe’s and hit upon some great plant material.

First at Lowe’s, I found an amazing Peperomia prostrata, a vining peperomia with tiny succulent leaves. It is perfect for a wall I am making with vines hanging down it. I would tell you to rush over and get one but there was only one in the store I went to.

I have taken numerous cuttings from it (it was all tangled up and had to be cut apart anyway) and have potted then in the hopes of getting long, trailing growth.

Right now, both Lowe’s and Home Depot have these tiny Norfolk Pine for Christmas. Although they look large in the pot, they are actually several plants which can be taken apart. They don’t look tropical but since there are pines in Hawaii, maybe someone needs this type of plant.

Then I found these “ponytail” plants but instead of being large, they had tiny bulbous bodies, less than an inch wide. If I can keep them small, they could work.

I picked up a few Aralia and some ferns as well but they are too out of scale to use.

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