Trimming the plants to fit in the pot.

Last but not least…

For many years, those of us who are miniature gardeners have had a hard time explaining to people what we do and how we do it. It wasn’t until the publication last year of Janit Calvo’s’ wonderful book, Gardening in Miniature, that there was an excellent resource that we could point interested folks to. You can…

Nancy Grube-interior detail

2014 Ribbons

Here, finally, are the award results for the 2014 Miniature Settings classes at the 2014 Philadelphia Flower Show. Class 135 was Indoor settings; Class 136 was Outdoor settings. BLUE RIBBONS (1ST PLACE) RED RIBBONS (2ND PLACE) (There are more than one in each class, based on points accumulated)           YELLOW RIBBONS (3RD…

poe copy

Other Visitors

Wonderful visitors to the Miniature Settings at the Philadelphia Flower Show including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Morpheus, Jesus, Severus Snape, Edgar Allan Poe, Spiderman, and R2D2.

Lori Anne and her Minions

The Party’s Over

The 2014 Flower Show has ended and we said a final farewell at teardown night. But before we left, we were visited by many wonderful characters who just had to get a chance to be photographed in these famous scenes. See if you can spot them.