Singapore Soon

We leave for Singapore this weekend but our exhibit materials arrived there a few weeks ago. Here are the cases that Nancy Grube, Deb Mackie, and I sent. Impressive? This is for six miniature settings and our workshops. Can’t wait to unpack them.  


Strange Worlds

We are busy getting ready for our trip to Singapore so no time for an extensive blog. But while you are waiting for news of our adventure, check out the remarkable miniature landscapes by photographer Matthew Albanese. He creates amazing dioramas that look great when photographed.  


A Miniature a Day

I love these micro-miniature scenes that a lot of people are creating with model railroad or architectural model figures: My favorite is the London artist Slinkachu whose work is above. Below is someone who for the last three and a half years has created one of these scenes each day. That is amazingly difficult and…