Progress Report #6

Sheri, Kathy, and Ron are sharing some images and thoughts about their progress on Lady and the Tramp: Well we are seeing the finish line,  whee. We have our flooring all marked, finally and are ready to get the flower boxes built.   Last year we had several shapes and gardens all over our exhibit. …


Booze and Pills

I thought that would get your attention! It’s not me, but Miss Lonelyhearts. Don’t do it Miss L!!! That yummy Songwriter is just waiting for romance. (I guess if you don’t know the movie Rear Window this makes no sense but these characters are so real to me now after spending a year with them)…

Lots of Mini Stuff

If you are looking for a lot more images of miniatures and examples of what other artists are doing, check out this wonderful blog called “All The Small Things.” It has an amazing number of posts and includes a wide range of mini projects.